DevOps vs Systems Administration

Why another comparison

I enjoy talking to technologists, and other IT professionals about the state of DevOps and what implications it might have for the future. Often however during our conversation I will hear something to this effect:

There are just so many definitions for what DevOps is. It just doesn’t have a fixed definition of any kind.

As the DevOps movement is important to me I’d like to take a moment to help define what DevOps is, if not so much for others, but for myself.

From my reading and research DevOps has a broad but well defined definition with very specific and wide ranging implications on best practices for the life cycle of a project - development , deployment, and operation management. There are several pioneers and I won’t name them all but I’ll name the ones that have personally profoundly affected my thinking on the subject Martin Fowler, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim, and well there are many more but those are the ones that first blew my mind. A good working definition is through the mnemonic device:

  • C - a group culture
  • A - using automation to remove unnecessary work
  • L - applying Lean development practices to the entire project, infrastructure included
  • M - a strong use of measurement or metrics in the decision making process
  • S - Sharing among historical silos: Dev. and Ops. as primary examples

A few good websites that quickly tl;dr’s DevOps are New Relic’s page on the DevOps lifecyle and AppDynamics definition of DevOps through the above acronym, CALMS, or to write it in the negative used by THHGTTG “Don’t Panic”.

So it’s not a title

DevOps isn’t a title. A company can certainly have DevOps ambassadors however isolating a DevOps team is antithetical to the entire notion of what DevOps is. That is if nothing else an alternative poor mans approach to determine what DevOps is, is by understanding what it isn’t. Really quite fine web pages concerning the nature of DevOps as an outlook as opposed to a division are Pete Cheslock’s blog article DevOps in Your Job Title Is Doing You Harm and Jez Humble’s

So I don’t care what you call me as long as …

That is there are implications when I claim on LinkedIn that I’m a “DevOps advocate”. The first is that I don’t need to have DevOps in the title to be part of a DevOps community. Linux administration as part of the IT workforce is just as much a part of the DevOps movement as the title DevOps engineer. In principal it’s about how the company and its IT workers function. Secondly nothing is perfect, and most companies who see the DevOps light are incrementally designing their work flow to be more in line with a DevOps paradigm, and the simple reason for this is that it works. I aim to be of use in knowing how to properly use technology, but in a manner that will positively affect the dev-ops (-business-client) work flow, which includes stability, high availability, scalability etc. in relation to infrastructure and the part I play in the whole.

Galvanize in Austin

I’ve unfortunately, as is all too often the case, been lax in updating this
website, with no updates since June. Regardless of the cessation in writing I’m
more than ever determined to make my mark in data science. For that reason I’m
so excited by the news I discovered today. I learned today by doing a search
in Indeed for data science jobs in Austin that Galvanize is hiring a data
science instructor,

Which naivly seemed to imply that Galvanize will be coming to Austin. This is
the bootcamp company I planned to have to sell my current home, and move to
Seattle to experience. A Google search later and this assessment was supported
by looking at their official blog,

Looking at the dates the greatest likelihood is that there will be a bootcamp
offered here at the beginning of February. Which if I have any say in the
matter I will attend.

I truly have grown to deeply appreciate Austin, and the idea of being able to
stay in this majestic city, while going through the necessary steps to garner
a data science job is truly exciting. Like all things that are mostly a piece
of imagination and desire only time can show how much is truth, and how much
was day dreaming. Regardless never stop reaching for your dreams and so life
moves on.

A Welcome and Introduction

This website contains my thought about data science, code, critical thinking,
culture, Yoga, gardening, meditation, doubt, and ideas of projects that I have
taken on during, and upon their completion. Writing isn’t a panacea but
through an ordering of the complex, or subconscious it can often times remedy
maladies that plague the mind. I write this in hopes that it will help in my
thought process, but I realize it has the potential to also inspire others who
are walking on a similar road as mine. Exposing oneself is a gamble but as
life is finite the gamble is so to temporally limited, and as I have already
lived quite a good life it’s now time to make something of it.

I may change the writing of a given post as I see fit. This means that if I
find a better way of expressing my ideas I will alter previous works. The same
is true of spelling, and grammatical infraction. If for what ever reason you
want to see some version prior to my ameliorations please simply view the
revision control of the document on my blog’s GitHub