A Welcome and Introduction

This website contains my thought about data science, code, critical thinking,
culture, Yoga, gardening, meditation, doubt, and ideas of projects that I have
taken on during, and upon their completion. Writing isn’t a panacea but
through an ordering of the complex, or subconscious it can often times remedy
maladies that plague the mind. I write this in hopes that it will help in my
thought process, but I realize it has the potential to also inspire others who
are walking on a similar road as mine. Exposing oneself is a gamble but as
life is finite the gamble is so to temporally limited, and as I have already
lived quite a good life it’s now time to make something of it.

I may change the writing of a given post as I see fit. This means that if I
find a better way of expressing my ideas I will alter previous works. The same
is true of spelling, and grammatical infraction. If for what ever reason you
want to see some version prior to my ameliorations please simply view the
revision control of the document on my blog’s GitHub