Galvanize in Austin

I’ve unfortunately, as is all too often the case, been lax in updating this
website, with no updates since June. Regardless of the cessation in writing I’m
more than ever determined to make my mark in data science. For that reason I’m
so excited by the news I discovered today. I learned today by doing a search
in Indeed for data science jobs in Austin that Galvanize is hiring a data
science instructor,

Which naivly seemed to imply that Galvanize will be coming to Austin. This is
the bootcamp company I planned to have to sell my current home, and move to
Seattle to experience. A Google search later and this assessment was supported
by looking at their official blog,

Looking at the dates the greatest likelihood is that there will be a bootcamp
offered here at the beginning of February. Which if I have any say in the
matter I will attend.

I truly have grown to deeply appreciate Austin, and the idea of being able to
stay in this majestic city, while going through the necessary steps to garner
a data science job is truly exciting. Like all things that are mostly a piece
of imagination and desire only time can show how much is truth, and how much
was day dreaming. Regardless never stop reaching for your dreams and so life
moves on.